From Founder, Carmen Schreane:

Knowno is a gift to the World from God. He would like me to tell his people that, “He has indeed heard your cries and seen the devastation drug addiction has caused in today’s society”.

“The Slogan Just Say No is Good. It’s like with anything successful you must Practice”.

I am a U.S. Army Veteran who learned to be all I could be in the Army.

In the Summer of 1997 I moved to Lansing Michigan to attend Law School after graduating from Saginaw Valley State University with a B.A. majoring in Criminal Justice with a minor in Sociology in 1995.

But, before classes were to start in September 1997 I woke up from a Nightmare screaming and crying because I saw my son on drugs.

After an hour or so, my hands started moving. I knew I needed more than a chat a few times a year telling my kids to say No to Drugs.

Then it came to me to challenge my kids with my hands to teach them how to fight back and instantly a simple CARDGAME came to me and the words came out of my mouth, “kids need to know how to say No to Drugs”. Knowno came out of my mouth.

I went on to graduate from Thomas M. COOLEY Law School in 2004. I was a single parent and could only attend part time. But God delivered me from a many devastating Storms in Lansing and Informed me that, “I was born to do Knowno”.

So I walked away from ever taking a Bar Exam and thus, never to practice law. Knowno was my responsibility.

In 2004, another Dream came this time with A loving Cartoon Elephant falling softly from the sky smiling at me with his long eyelashes swaying in the wind and a Rabbit wearing overalls and many other animal Characters.

Please view the Meet the Characters page so that I can introduce you to the hand chosen characters who appeared to me in a dream, and become the 1st Knowno Masters!

After 22 years of trying to get Knowno on store shelves by hiring Agents etc…I thought maybe God was just testing me.

Then in April 2019 God said, “We will Not lose this time and I will Prove it”.

So I want the world to know that Dr. Carmen M. Fletcher Schreane J. D. did what God revealed to her and it’s been a 22 year and counting CRUSADE To Fight the War on Drugs!.

Why now? God showed me that Technology has changed and he doesn’t need a store shelf, thus we have God’s own Earthly

Lastly, when I was exhausted in August of 2019, God sang to me:


God made provisions to Fully fund his LLC and ordered my Every Step to assemble the Best Team Ever to get Knowno to the World.

Why Knowno™? Stated simply, Knowno™ comes from our initial inspiration behind the company. Kids must KNOW how to say NO to drugs. Struck by the idea that we must do more than simply tell our kids “just say no;” we must teach them how to do so when the temptation to experiment strikes. So we formulated a plan that lets young children practice saying no. Our products are designed to help parents and kids, guiding them through the steps and steering them clear of drug use while building confidence and giving them the tools to live their best lives.

About Our Founder

More than 22 years ago, Knowno™ founder Carmen Fletcher Schreane found herself disturbed by the growing epidemic of drug use among the youth in her community. Compelled by divine inspiration, Carmen reconsidered her life path and ultimately made the switch from pursuing a legal career to devote herself full-time to what she truly believes is God’s calling. Her fear for her own children’s health and safety spurred her on during the transition and along the path to creating and developing the characters of Knowno™.
On what she refers to as a crusade to join the war on drugs, Carmen uses her dreams and Christian faith to create products that parents can rely on for help in keeping their own children free from the scourge of drug addiction.

Our Mission

Ultimately our goal at Knowno™ is to help communities rid themselves of teen and youth drug use. If we can be a trusted resource for parents while steering their children toward positive life choices and dynamic growth, we’ll consider our efforts worth every minute. As a team, we offer creative guidance and tools for parents, teachers, and other community members, allowing kids to practice saying no to drugs before they are ever tempted.