Knowno Masters Children's Book and Card Game (for anti-addiction)

Written By Dr. Carmen M. Fletcher Schreane J.D.

Know When to Say No

Welcome to Knowno

Ultimately our goal at Knowno™ is to help communities rid themselves of teen and youth drug use. If we can be a trusted resource for parents while steering their children toward positive life choices and dynamic growth, we’ll consider our efforts worth every minute. As a team, we offer creative guidance and tools for parents, teachers, and other community members, allowing kids to practice saying no to drugs before they are ever tempted.


Knowno Masters Children's

Dynamic, colorful, engaging, and fun, Knowno™ children’s products give you the tools to help keep your kids safe, happy, and off drugs. Explore our collection now.

Why Choose Knowno?

Why Knowno™? Stated simply, Knowno™ comes from our initial inspiration behind the company. Kids must KNOW how to say NO to drugs. Struck by the idea that we must do more than simply tell our kids “just say no;” we must teach them how to do so when the temptation to experiment strikes. So we formulated a plan that lets young children practice saying no. Our products are designed to help parents and kids, guiding them through the steps and steering them clear of drug use while building confidence and giving them the tools to live their best lives.

Teach Them to Know